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Affordable, Secure, Easy Document Management.

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Leapdocs is an affordable, secure, easy document management application for enterprises, small businesses, and start-ups.


Import scans, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, photos, Emails, and files of any type and from any source. Files are automatically indexed for searching.


Files are stored in folders just like on your computer, and custom metadata allows each file to have values such as, SSN, Invoice Number, or Birth Date.


Users are organized into Groups and detailed file and folder permissions can be specified explicitly or inherited. User actions are also audit logged.


Full Text Search is available for nearly every file you import thanks to Automatic OCR. Plus, custom metadata can be searched and filtered.

Leapdocs At a Glance

Familiar Interface

Leapdocs organizes files into folders just like the computer or online storage you already know.

Secure and Reliable

Leapdocs Cloud runs on the Microsoft Azure. Files are encrypted at-rest and multiple geographically distributed datacenters keep us up and running 24/7.

Apply Custom Metadata

Each file can have custom metadata applied, like SSN, Invoice Number, Contract Code, or Birth Date. Metadata fields can be created and updated easily.

Leapdocs Document Management

Import Any Kind of File

Any file type can be imported, and most files can be indexed and thumbnailed including, Word, PDF, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, ODF files, etc.

Unlimited Users and Groups

Create as many users and groups as you like to recreate and reinforce your real-world organizational structure, whether that be 1 or 10,000.

Unlimited Files and Folders

Import 100 or 1,000,000 files — you are billed only for the amount of storage used.

More Features

Leapdocs Document Management

Comprehensive Permissions

Each folder can have explicit or inherited permissions which allow control over importing, browsing, and opening files, in addition to deleting files and folders and modifying their properties.

Optical Character Recognition

Every file, if possible, is automatically indexed for searching and thumbnailed for previewing without opening the file.

Full Text Search and Filters

Files can be searched on their content and type, file creation and modified dates, who imported them and when, and by their custom metadata.

Comprehensive Audit Log

User actions, like Open File, Delete Folder, or Modify Folder, are recorded in an Audit Log to satisfy legal and security requirements.

Web and Desktop

Most users prefer Web apps, but for enterprise customers, Leapdocs Desktop is available for Windows PCs and has all the same features as the Web app.

Runs in the Cloud

No servers to maintain, backup, or update. Leapdocs Cloud runs on highly available, high security Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Leapdocs On-Premise is also available.


Leapdocs Cloud runs on Microsoft Azure, which has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service and is the most trusted cloud offering for U.S. government institiutions.

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure.

Your data is stored securely in a Microsoft SQL Database, running highly-available on Microsoft Azure. All connections to Leapdocs Cloud are encrypted via SSL Encryption.

Learn More About Azure Security

Need to run Leapdocs on your own hardware? We understand that you may need to run Leapdocs on your premises for security, contractual, or regulatory reasons. Talk to Sales if you need to discuss your options or custom pricing.


Leapdocs Cloud is all-inclusive, and billed based on storage used. There are no tiered plans — all features are available for all customers.

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